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Transcripts of participant interviews and broadcasts (translated) for design and deployment

Data collected in relation to the deployment of a research prototype entitled ÔSehat ki VaaniÕ. It was collected over a two week deployment in Northern India for an EPSRC-funded project. The qualitative host interview and radio show data was transc...

Process intensification and integration of solar heat generation in the Chinese condiment sector – a case study of a medium sized Beijing based factory

Data on production was collected by 1. a walk through audit and 2. a survey with questions on the missing data. Based on this, an energy and mass balance was conducted according to standard procedure. Waste heat quality and amounts were analysed and ...

Radar charts for user identification systems on multi-touch interactive surfaces

SVG radar charts for a number of the user identification systems surveyed visualized using the conceptual model developed in the paper.

Create, Learn and Inspire with Micro:bit and the BBC Pilot Data

This data outlines the experiences of nine UGs and one researcher from Newcastle University who worked in partnership with nine local secondary schools and an afterschool coding club, as part of the “Create, Learn and Inspire with micro:bit and the...

Flooding and network dataset for Tyne and Wear

The research aimed to apply transport modelling and hazard simulations, in order to quantify the flooding impact to urban network performance. Network and flooding modelling were effectively coupled, enabling the assessment of multiple extreme rainfa...

Social Justice and Technology for Sex Work Support Services

Survey responses from sex workers and sex work support workers about their use of a particular service.

Urban flood model input/output data

Hydrodynamic model input and output data in the form of surveyed & synthetic storm drain inlet networks and cumulative flow captured by inlets respectively to analyse the drainage performance of the different inlet networks.

RDS Project for EPSRC Funded Students not Affiliated to other Projects

Anonymised data resulting from the StammerApp - Design workshops, Surveys and results, App evaluation and feedback