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Comparison of stethoscope bell and diaphragm, and of stethoscope tube length, for clinical blood pressure measurement

Thirty-two healthy subjects (19 male and 13 female) were recruited from May to July 2014, with ages from 24 to 68 years. For each subject, there were two repeat sessions with four measurements for each, giving a total of 8 recordings. There was a tim...

Respiratory modulation of OscP and KorS

Results from 40 subjects. For each subject, there were 16 values from 2 measurement conditions (normal breathing and deep breathing). 8 for each measurement condition: respiratory frequency from respiratory measurement, oscillometric data and Korotko...

Variation of Korotkoff stethoscope sounds

Results from 140 subjects. For each subject, blood pressure was measured, and the position of the Korotkoff sound for both systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure identified relative to the actual clinical SBP and DBP beats for each subject...

Numerical data for Probing quasi-integrability of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in a harmonic-oscillator potential

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

Urban Observatory Environment

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see

The quality of experience of next generation audio, PhD data

Data originating from the PhD project: "The quality of experience of next generation audio: Exploring system, context and human influence factors".