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Thionine Binding to Polynucleotides: absorption, LD, CD, and thermal denaturation

Absorption, linear dichroism, circular dichroism, and thermal denaturaltion data for thionine dye bound to calf-thymus DNA, polydeoxy(adenylic-thymidylic) acid, polydeoxy(guanylic-cytidylic) acid, poly(deoxyadenylic).poly(deoxythymidylic) acid, poly(...

Stacking of Phenothiazine Dyes on Polydeoxyribonucleotides: absorption, LD and CD

Absorption, linear dichroism, and circular dichroism data for thionine, methylene blue, and azure B bound to calf-thymus DNA, poly(deoxyadenylic).poly(deoxythymidylic) acid, and poly(deoxyguanylic).poly(deoxycytidylic) acid at high binding ratios whe...