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Water filter media experiments

Data includes: Raw and analysed sequencing data from the media and water samples, Analysed data from molecular analyses (abundances and community analysis), Analysed data from qPCR analysis and total cell counts using flow cytometry, Analysed data fr...

Total and Intact cells counts of samples form rapid and slow sand filters

Flowcytometric counts of cells present on sand grains extracted following several extraction procedures.

Transcripts (anonymised) of interviews with diary keepers and smart journal users

Interviews were around an hour long, and asked people about the practices and motivations for recording their lives using a variety of tools. They were also asked to share extracts from their diaries or journals. This data was later analysed using an...

Urban Observatory Human

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Quantification of effective exoelectrogens by most probable number (MPN) in a microbial fuel cell

Methods and results of (i) MPN counts of effective electrogens as measured with microbial fuel cells, and of (ii) the effect of UV irradiation on COD and bacterial content of domestic wastewater.

Accident data for hotspot prediction in the city of Halle, Germany

The data comprises annual road traffic accident counts at 734 potential hotspot in and around the city of Halle, Germany, as well as associated covariate information (e.g. traffic flows, site type, site classification etc.). The data span the years 2...

Qualitative Data from Workshops Engaging People with Disabilites in Do-It-Yourself Activities with Personal Fabrication Tools

The data was collected in course of a workshop series. It comprises anonymised transcripts of semi-structured preparation interviews conducted with five study participants, show-and-tell videos recorded by the participants and reflective discussions ...

Game testing data

Transcripts from testing the game

Data supporting the Streets for People research project

This data primarily contains the work produced by the children taking part in the Streets for People research project. This comprises media outputs, including photographs created by the researcher and participants and digitised prompt cards, posters ...

Designing bespoke VR experiences for people with dementia

This data is comprised of field notes and recorded interview data stemming from two design workshops carried out with people with dementia and their carers. With recreational VR applications coming to the market for dementia, we must consider how VR ...

Data detailing engagements with study participants involved in the Co-Inquiry into Collectivist Health Technologies for People with Parkinsons

Summarised field note data and summarised transcripts from workshops with research participants

Data from 3 stages of Research on Spokespeople: 1. Exploratory workshop, 2. Deployment 3. Summary workshop

Data from 3 stages of Research on Spokespeople: Stage 1. Exploratory workshop, transcription of workshop audio recordings and photographs of written materials Stage 2. Deployment, anonymised data submitted through two week trial of Spokespeople syst...

Ticket to Talk

Interview, workshop, and field note data for the Ticket to Talk project. Exploring how technology can support intergenerational interactions between younger people and people with dementia.