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FTIR and NMR Spectra of the functionalised membranes

The data comprise of FTIR and NMR spectra of the initial and aged functionalised membranes

Degradation of radiation grafted anion exchange membranes tethered with different amine functional groups

The data comprise of the solid-state NMR spectra of the initial and aged functionalised membranes and the solution-NMR spectra of the degradation solutions.

Synthesis and characterisation of new diphiosphatetrylenes

The data consist of (i) NMR spectra of the reported compounds (1H, 13C, 31P and 119Sn), including variable-temperature and solid-state spectra; (ii) UV-visible spectra of the germanium compounds in both THF and toluene; (iii) output files from DFT ca...

Theoretical, crsytallographic and spectroscopic data for disilene, etc

NMR data (jcamp format) for all compounds, DFT output files for all calculations, cif files for crystallographically characterised compounds.

NMR spectra and crystallographic data on alkali metal phosphides

Room temperature and variable-temperature NMR data and X-ray crystallographic data for all compounds

Spectroscopic, structural and computational data

For the compounds reported in this paper: NMR spectra for all compounds, cif files for crystal structures, output files from calculations.