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4H-SiC MOSFETs data calculation

The data for IEEE Electron Device Letter paper was calculated in excel file. All parameter and calculation based on equation is shown in the same file.

MyPlace: Mobility and Sight loss

The data was produced with 9 service users at Henshaws, an organisation that supports anyone with sight loss in northern England. The fieldwork was carried out using participatory research and a mobile ethnography. The data collection included worksh...

Correcting Mobility Entropy of Mobile Phone Data

Data being used in the paper: Vanhoof,M., Schoors, W., Van Rompaey, A., Ploetz, T., Smoreda, Z. (2018) Correcting mobility entropy for regional comparison of individual movement patterns. Journal of Urban Technology. Remark that the mobile phone data...

JourneyCam Interview Data

Interview transcripts from 13 powered wheelchair users in the UK about their experiences of mobility and getting about. The interviews followed accompanied, technologically-mediated journeys with interviewees.