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XRD data

Processed data used in figures, unprocessed exhaust gas data and XRD data.

Electrochemical data supporting the article "Evaluation of Porous Carbon Felt as an Aerobic Biocathode Support in terms of Hydrogen Peroxide Formation"

Two different carbon felt supports, one treated with nitric acid, the other untreated, were characterized electrochemically through a series of chronoamperometry (CA) experiments using a novel 4-electrode electrochemical setup, in order to determine ...

Multisectoral and regional simulation data

A quantitative approach to the analyse the urban metabolism of London. For this it uses the Multi-sectoral Systems Analysis (MSA) framework (Villarroel Walker et al., 2014). MSA is coupled with the Regionalised Sensitivity Analysis (RSA) to investiga...

Bioanode and biocathode performance in a microbial electrolysis cell

The data describes a study of hydrogen production in biocathode MEC and its limitations due to the poor performance of bioanode.

Experimental data of a hydrogen-producing biocathode to the responses of applied potential and reactants in a microbial electrolysis cell

Results (hydrogen production, current density, electrochemical property (CVs), pH, conductivity and cathode recovery) from the responses of the biocathode to applied potentials, sulphate and bicarbonate concentrations are included. The results also i...

Experimental data of a microbial electrolysis cell fully catalysed by microorganisms for the production of hydrogen

The data represent the responses of the bioelectrodes to a range of voltage that applied to a microbial electrolysis cell. The data of the response are converted into different results to facilitate the study. These results included hydrogen producti...

Data from the large MEC at Chester le Street STW

Underlying Data for the Fuel Cells publication and EPSRC funded research on: Low Temperature Domestic Wastewater Treatment in a Microbial Electrolysis Cell with 1 m2 anodes: Towards System Scale-Up. Data were collected during a four year engineering...