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Cortical thickness, total surface area, and exposed surface area derived from human MRI data for the investigation of cortical folding

Data was not acquired by us, but only processed by us. We extracted the information of cortical thickness, exposed surface area, and total surface area from MRI data provided by public databases.

3D Migration of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Fibrin Hydrogels

Data which underpins publication in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

3D printed multi-compartment scaffold as in vitro osteogenic model

The data show all the chemical, physical, mechanical and biological characterisation of multi-compartment scaffolds fabricated via 3D-printing as in vitro co-culture osteogenic model. Particularly: SEM, XPS, static compression and stress-relaxation t...

Robust novel multiple human tracking algorithm published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Video based multiple human tracking often involves several challenges including target number variation, object occlusions, and noise corruption in sensor measurements. In this paper, we propose a novel method to address these challenges based on pro...

Urban Observatory Human

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Data corpus detailing engagements with stakeholders involved in the design of the Local Offer system

Summarised field note data and summarised transcripts from interviews and workshops with research participants

Listening experiment data related to the role of human influence factors on overall listening experience

The publication "the role of human influence factors on overall listening experience" makes use of data gathered in an empirical listening experiment. The key data related to this publication is hereby made available.

The quality of experience of next generation audio, PhD data

Data originating from the PhD project: "The quality of experience of next generation audio: Exploring system, context and human influence factors".