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Layer-by-layer functionalisation of composite membranes for bone in vivo regeneration

The data represent the physico-chemical and biological characterisation of electrospun membranes functionalised by Layer-by-layer assembly. They involve: XPS, SEM, EDS, fluorescence microscopy, several biological tests, MicroCT analysis

Analytical data for a gold(I)-6-thioguanosine coordination polymer and the incorporation of this motif into DNA duplex. The data consists of spectroscopic, diffraction, microscopy, electrical and DFT modelling studies

Data set for A Coordination polymer for the site-specific integration of semiconducting sequences into DNA containing FTIR, Fluorescence, CD, AFM, computational, XPS, XRD, electrical data

Regio- and Conformational Isomerisation Critical to Design of Efficient Thermally-activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters

Quantum chemistry and Quantum dynamics simulations relevant to the publication (title: Regio- and Conformational Isomerisation Critical to Design of Efficient Thermally-activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters). These were collected straight from the ...

Quantum Chemistry for Room Temperature Phosphorescence and TADF

This data includes some quantum chemistry calculations, performed with Qchem for the Room Temperature Phosphorescence and TADF molecules

Classical Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry for TADF Guest host interactions

In this repository, the input files, parameter files and data for our study on the guest-host interactions and their role in solid state solvation effects on the charge transfer states of a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter can be foun...

Data for pulsatile release from chitosan hydrogel

Coupling oscillatory chemical reactions to smart materials which can respond to external stimuli is considered an answer to the long-standing issue of pulsatile drug delivery. Although a number of coupled architectures exist, there are no systems rep...

Photophysical properties of bodipy-polyoxometalate hybrids

Fluorescence, spectroelectrochemical and time-resolved spectroscopy analysis were used to investigate the photoinduced dynamics of three covalently-bound bodipy-polyoxometalate hybrid systems. The hybrids differ by their metal atom, bridge length and...