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Corrosion data for UHF RFID antenna sensor

The data set includes the forward power and backscattered power from UHF RIFD tag. The data is generated using the RFID platform with an antenna sensor in the variations of frequency (902-928 MHz in a step of 1 MHz) and corrosion samples (6 samples),...

Natural cracks inspection data for multiphysics electromagnetic pulsed thermography

Emerging integrated techniques, sensing and monitoring of material degradation and cracks are increasingly required for characterising the structural integrity and safety of infrastructure. This data set includes the simulation and experimental test ...

A Review of Passive RFID Tag Antenna-Based Sensors and Systems for Structural Health Monitoring Applications

In recent few years, the antenna and sensor communities have witnessed a considerable integration of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag antennas and sensors because of the impetus provided by internet of things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems...

Nitrate-mediated Biocorrosion

The data includes corrosion data and chemical data that was collected from pure culture corrosion experiments with the oil field isolate Sulfurimonas sp. strain CVO.