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Advanced Absorption Power Generation Cycles

This data gives the introduction of the proposed advanced absorption power generation cycles, their analysis method and their performance.

Theoretical thermodynamic analysis on resorption power generation and pumpless ORC

Resorption power generation cycle (RPGC) has been theoretically investigated and compared with pumpless organic Rankine cycle (PORC). The PORC operates without a liquid pump in conventional ORC and shares the similar configuration with RPGC. Three di...

Generated synthetic spatial nodal configurations of real-world infrastructure systems

Generated spatial nodal configurations for numerous infrastructure systems (including, the European Air Traffic network and UK rail stations) using the algorithm proposed in “Spatial Structure and Evolution of Infrastructure Networks”.

Urban Observatory Urban Sciences Building data

Direct measurements and derived information for the Urban Sciences Building, obtained from approximately 2,500 sensors within the building (e.g. room temperature, energy consumed by lifts), and a further 5,000 derivative values (e.g. heating valve po...