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MiCarbon dioxide (CO2) concentration measurements

The carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the product stream was analysed using a XTREAM-CO2 analyser provided by Rosemount.The XTREAM-CO2 analyser provided the CO2 concentration in part per million (ppm) units. The XTREAM-CO2 analyser was connected ...

Validation and applications of Nickel nanoparticle catalysis for hydration of CO2

The data was collected to validate the catalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles (NiNPs) for hydration of CO2. The data shows the catalytic activity of NiNPs using the pH drop method (as used by Mirjafari et al. Ind.Eng.Chem.Res, 2007, 46, 921), und...

Kinetic data for photocatalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles for hydration of CO2

The data is pH change when CO2 is bubbled in DI water or NiNPs suspension in presence of artifital light, artifitial light with IR filter and the dark. It was collected to prove that NiNPs work as photocatalyt for hydration of CO2. The data was proce...

LDPE-VBC-TMA based membranes for water electrolysis

LDPE-VBC-TMA based alkaline anion exchange membrane used with NiCo2O4 catalyst and SEBS ionomer for electrolysis at different NaOH concentration and temperature.

IAA Strategic Project: Graphene Synthesis

Characterisation data determining properties of synthesised graphene. A variety of techniques used for these measurements: SEM, TEM, AFM and Raman performed at Newcastle University and Leeds University.

Electrochemical CO2 reduction catalyzed by CuxO in 2C cell and GDE cell with various aqueous electrolytes

The data describes a study of how CO2 supply method and alkaline catholyte affect the reaction performance of CO2 electro-reduction catalyzed by CuxO catalyst

Development of electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction

This data provide the information for the synthesis, fabrication, and complete materials analysis for the produced electrocatalysts. Electrochemical cahracterization data is appended as wel..

Data underpinning the analysis of the first carbon atlas of the state of Kuwait

The data presented in the paper "The first carbon atlas of the state of Kuwait" is presented. This data includes the raw or estimate CO2 emission sources by sector in Kuwait.

Impedance spectroscopy, kinetics and stability

Impedance spectroscopy, kinetics and stability data to map the performance of composite CO2 separation membranes.

Urban Observatory Environment

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see

Manuscript detailing an economic and sustainability analysis of carbon dioxide use in microbial electrosynthesis

This study examines the latest advancements in the field of Microbial ElectroSynthesis (MES) and reports a unique sustainability and economic assessment for the production of five alternative compounds (formic, acetic, propionic acids; methanol and e...

Thermogravimetric data on the combustion of graphite and lignite

This is the raw data generated from a Mettler-Toledo TGA/DSC1, for the combustion of graphite powder and a German lignite char under isothermal conditions to investigate the production of CO and CO2 when combustion takes place under external mass tra...

Kinetic data for CO oxidation

CO2 production rates for CO oxidation, long term catalytic activity and SO2 poisoning

Catalytic performance of nickel nanowires embedded in aerogels towards CO2 capture

Dynamic vapour sorption analysis of Nickel nanowires embedded in silica aerogels in CO2 with water vapour - to test catalytic performance towards CO2 hydration reaction

Urban Observatory Urban Sciences Building data

Direct measurements and derived information for the Urban Sciences Building, obtained from approximately 2,500 sensors within the building (e.g. room temperature, energy consumed by lifts), and a further 5,000 derivative values (e.g. heating valve po...