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Thionine Binding to Polynucleotides: absorption, LD, CD, and thermal denaturation

Absorption, linear dichroism, circular dichroism, and thermal denaturaltion data for thionine dye bound to calf-thymus DNA, polydeoxy(adenylic-thymidylic) acid, polydeoxy(guanylic-cytidylic) acid, poly(deoxyadenylic).poly(deoxythymidylic) acid, poly(...

Stacking of Phenothiazine Dyes on Polydeoxyribonucleotides: absorption, LD and CD

Absorption, linear dichroism, and circular dichroism data for thionine, methylene blue, and azure B bound to calf-thymus DNA, poly(deoxyadenylic).poly(deoxythymidylic) acid, and poly(deoxyguanylic).poly(deoxycytidylic) acid at high binding ratios whe...

High-resolution micromechanical measurement in real time of forces exerted by living cells

Cells were cultivated onto a MEMS platform, in-plane deflection of platform due to cell migration measured as function of time and translated into a force measurement. Effect on force due to influence of drugs monitored. 4-parameter logistic (Boltzma...

Sediment remediation and ecotoxicity data

The data sets comprise 1) Chemical measurements of River Tyne Sediment PAH concentrations, and PAH availability following sediment remediation with magnetic activated carbon and biochar 2) Quantification of magnetic sorbent recovery and sorbent iron ...

Quasi-1D BEC theoretical comparison

This shows numerical calculations of different theoretical predictions (mean-field, generalised mean field and stochastic) for the quasi-1D Bose gas including the crossover to quasi-condensation. We compare densities and correlation functions in appr...

Domain wall dynamic behaviours for stress characterization

Stress measurement that provides early indication of stress status has become increasingly demanding in the field of Non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E). Bridging the correlation between micro magnetic properties and the applied tensil...

XRD data

Processed data used in figures, unprocessed exhaust gas data and XRD data.

MiCarbon dioxide (CO2) concentration measurements

The carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the product stream was analysed using a XTREAM-CO2 analyser provided by Rosemount.The XTREAM-CO2 analyser provided the CO2 concentration in part per million (ppm) units. The XTREAM-CO2 analyser was connected ...

Electron transfer rates at Bi and Pt of viologens

The standard heterogeneous rate constants for the reduction of a series of viologen derivatives with a range of inter–ring torsion an- gles were measured at Bi and Pt electrodes. The electrode potentials for the first one–electron reduction of th...

Frequency response data for piezoelectric CDR

This work examined approaches to electronic recovery of a signal from a piezoelectric resonator and assessed frequency tracking performance and sensitivity from such an approach. The data represents amplitude and phase response traces for a circular ...

pH, power and concentration data for the oscillatory palladium-catalysed oxidative phenylacetylene carbonylation reaction at 0-40 degrees Celsius.

pH, power and concentration data for the oscillatory palladium-catalysed oxidative carbonylation reaction at 0-40 degrees Celsius showing the effect of temperature on selectivity and oscillatory pH behaviour.

pH and power oscillations in the carbonylation of phenylacetylene in methanol-water mixtures with 0-40% water at 30 degrees Celsius

Heater power, Qr and pH data recorded with time during the carbonylation of phenylacetylene in methanol-water mixtures with water content from 0-40% at 30 degrees Celsius. The experiments were conducted in an HEL Simular reaction calorimeter using po...

Understanding the Sociality of Experience in Mobile Music Listening with Pocketsong

Qualitative data from group interviews as part of a sub-project for the SIDE (Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy)Project. Data was thematically analysed.

Driving simulator investigation of landmark-based route guidance for older drivers

Qualitative data from a driving simulator investigation with thirty older drivers (60+) who were divided into three groups with gender, navigational ability, and exposure to IVNS controlled for. The data consists of visual glance analysis (frequency,...

Iron Phthalocyanine and MnOx composite catalysts for Microbial Fuel Cell applications

The results of a slow potential scan experiment of GDC half cells with air cathodes supporting a catalytic layer of a certain catalyst in O2 saturated PBS. The results of Microbial Fuel Cell air cathodes during steady state operation and during pol...

Microbial fuel cells with highly active aerobic biocathodes

Various sets of data were collected for this work, falling into three major categories; 1.Electrochemical half-cell data obtained using potentiostats a.Chronoamperometry (CA) data recorded over time to give a measure of aerobic biocathodes performan...

Electrochemical data supporting the article "Evaluation of Porous Carbon Felt as an Aerobic Biocathode Support in terms of Hydrogen Peroxide Formation"

Two different carbon felt supports, one treated with nitric acid, the other untreated, were characterized electrochemically through a series of chronoamperometry (CA) experiments using a novel 4-electrode electrochemical setup, in order to determine ...

Multi-stage Microbial Fuel Cell Sensing & Microbiological Data

Data obtained from operation and calibration of multi-stage Microbial Fuel Cells (voltage datalogging, medium replacements). Data obtained from IonTorrent DNA sequencing of multi-stage MFC anodes and sludge obtained from the reactors.

Performance Analysis of a Multi-hop UCRN with Co-Channel Interference

Performance study. To investigate a more practical underlay cognitive radio network. Numerical examples with MatLab simulations have been provided to validate the results.

Experimental study of the operation characteristics of an air-driven free-piston linear expander

In this research, an experimental test rig of a dual-piston air-driven free-piston linear expander (FPLE) is established using the FPE concept. A linear generator is used to convert the mechanical work of the pistons into electricity during the expan...

Characterisation data for electroless nickel deposition on graphene

This work investigated the potential of electroless nickel deposition to form ohmic contacts on single layer graphene. The data represents I-V (current-voltage) traces and corresponding resistance for electrical contacts formed on the graphene surfac...

Magnetometer characterisation data

These are the data files for figures 3,5,8,9,10,11 of the corresponding publication.

Microtremor recordings from around Kathmandu for determining site amplification during the 2015 M7.6 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake

Recordings from a Tromino Microtremor instrument (combined accelerometer and velocimeter). Collected by the EEFIT team Nepal mission in order to determine shear wave velocities, site frequencies and so to determine likely site amplification from arou...

Critical velocity for vortex nucleation in a finite-temperature Bose gas

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication, which were the results of numerical simulations. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publicat...

Data produced from the post-processing of numerical simulations of quantum turbulence

Data used to produce the figures in the paper. figure1.log contains the xy-data needed to reproduce the curve of the energy spectrum in Figure 1 of the paper. This was obtained via the velocity field induced by a numerically simulated tangle of quant...

Numerical data from simulations of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for a quenched Bose gas

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication, which were the results of numerical simulations. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publicat...

Numerical simulations of dark soliton dynamics in a box trap via the 1D Gross-Pitaevskii equation

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication, which were the results of numerical simulations. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publicat...

Computer simulation data and anaysis for "A superfluid boundary layer"

This data includes computer simulation output and analysis for the article "A superfluid boundary layer". In this article we model the superfluid flow of liquid helium over the rough surface of a wire (used to experimentally generat...

Numerical data from mean-field simulations of a trapped atomic superfluid in a Vinen turbulent regime

Data set associated with the numerical simulations of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, describing the dynamics of multicharged vortices in a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. A protocol to generate turbulence is presented, which takes advantage of the ...

Water filter media experiments

Data includes: Raw and analysed sequencing data from the media and water samples, Analysed data from molecular analyses (abundances and community analysis), Analysed data from qPCR analysis and total cell counts using flow cytometry, Analysed data fr...

HT-BST colorimetric assay data

Probability of chemical degradation data from 96-well plate colorimetric miniaturised biodegradation assays, based on absorbance readings from a plate spectrophotometer.

Total and Intact cells counts of samples form rapid and slow sand filters

Flowcytometric counts of cells present on sand grains extracted following several extraction procedures.

Finger PPG shape changes when performing different external cuff pressure with a long cuff

The data was from 100 healthy normotensive volunteers. For each subject, five separate finger PPG signals were recorded, each with a different external cuff pressure (0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 mmHg) applied to the whole right arm through t...

Comparison of stethoscope bell and diaphragm, and of stethoscope tube length, for clinical blood pressure measurement

Thirty-two healthy subjects (19 male and 13 female) were recruited from May to July 2014, with ages from 24 to 68 years. For each subject, there were two repeat sessions with four measurements for each, giving a total of 8 recordings. There was a tim...

Respiratory modulation of OscP and KorS

Results from 40 subjects. For each subject, there were 16 values from 2 measurement conditions (normal breathing and deep breathing). 8 for each measurement condition: respiratory frequency from respiratory measurement, oscillometric data and Korotko...

Variation of Korotkoff stethoscope sounds

Results from 140 subjects. For each subject, blood pressure was measured, and the position of the Korotkoff sound for both systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure identified relative to the actual clinical SBP and DBP beats for each subject...

The Quantified Resilience of a Range of Geographically Distributed Complex Networks when Subjected to Spatial Hazard

The quantified resilience of a range of complex networks (including: scale-free, exponential and random) when subjected to two locations of a “growing” spatial hazard (one located on the geographic centre and the other on the spatial boundary). ...

UK Power systems model for electricity infrastructure resiliency assessments and associated simulation output

This data set consists of a Matlab power systems model, energy supply and demand scenarios, windstorm time-series and fragility curves for transmission towers, together with associated simulation outputs.

Results of interleaved boost converter using the variable slope compensation

The data is relates to a published journal paper on IEEE transaction on Power electronics which is titled 'Nonlinear Analysis and Control of Interleaved Boost Converter using Real Time Cycle to Cycle Variable Slope Compensation'. It covers ...

Transcripts of participant interviews and broadcasts (translated) for design and deployment

Data collected in relation to the deployment of a research prototype entitled ÔSehat ki VaaniÕ. It was collected over a two week deployment in Northern India for an EPSRC-funded project. The qualitative host interview and radio show data was transc...

Qualitative (interview-based and ethnographic) data on health-seeking, health-care and medical pluralism in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India

What the data is: Qualitative (interview-based and ethnographic) data on health-seeking, health-care and medical pluralism in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India. How and why collected: Collected as phase 1 of a multi-disciplinary, multi-phase pr...

Qualitative (interview-based and ethnographic) data on health-seeking, health-care and medical pluralism in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India, with special reference to potential for mHealth applications for self-management of chronic ill-health.

These data were collected for WP1 of TRUMP (Grant No.EP/J00068X/1). Collected as phase 1 of a multi-disciplinary, multi-phase proof-of-concept project (TRUMP), whose purpose was to create a pilot model for a mobile phone application for the self-man...

Modelling of Lewis Number dependence of Scalar dissipation rate transport for Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent premixed combustion

The influences of differential diffusion of heat and mass on the Favre-filtered scalar dissipation rate (SDR) transport have been analysed and modelled using a-priori analysis of Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) data of freely propagating statistic...

A priori assessment of scalar dissipation rate closure for Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent premixed combustion using a detailed chemistry Direct Numerical Simulation database

Algebraic and transport equation based closures of Favre-filtered scalar dissipation rate (SDR) N, of the reaction progress variable, in the context of Large Eddy Simulations (LES), have been assessed using detailed chemistry DNS data of a stoichiome...

Electrical I-V and materials analysis data for IMF and CMF contacts

Fig.2 - Moderately doped n-Ge and p-Ge were used. Data compares IMF and CMF contact I-V curves (magnitudes), Fig.3 - Material studies : HRSEM, TEM, XRD data, Phi scan data, Fig.4 - Theta probe electron emission data, Fig.5 - Cryogenic I-V data on low...

Corrosion data for UHF RFID antenna sensor

The data set includes the forward power and backscattered power from UHF RIFD tag. The data is generated using the RFID platform with an antenna sensor in the variations of frequency (902-928 MHz in a step of 1 MHz) and corrosion samples (6 samples),...

Natural cracks inspection data for multiphysics electromagnetic pulsed thermography

Emerging integrated techniques, sensing and monitoring of material degradation and cracks are increasingly required for characterising the structural integrity and safety of infrastructure. This data set includes the simulation and experimental test ...

A Review of Passive RFID Tag Antenna-Based Sensors and Systems for Structural Health Monitoring Applications

In recent few years, the antenna and sensor communities have witnessed a considerable integration of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag antennas and sensors because of the impetus provided by internet of things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems...

Chipless RFID Sensor Tag for Metal Crack Detection and Characterization

Chipped radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensor systems have been studied for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. However, the use of chip in sensor tags and its standardized narrowband operation contribute shortcomings in cost, dur...

Annotation of rule-based models with formal semantics to enable creation, analysis, reuse and visualization

Example models and tools showing the annotation framework described in the paper. They were all created by the authors as part of the research presented in the paper.

Exploratory statistical analysis of relationships between water quality variables in Scottish Water drinking water treatment sites and climate, geographic and operational variables

The stored data comprises exploratory statistical analysis variables such as mean, median, variances and standard deviations values derived from water quality data stored in the Scottish Water Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) covering ...

Workcraft xMAS verification data

Deadlock relations data - Workcraft xMAS tool

Process intensification and integration of solar heat generation in the Chinese condiment sector – a case study of a medium sized Beijing based factory

Data on production was collected by 1. a walk through audit and 2. a survey with questions on the missing data. Based on this, an energy and mass balance was conducted according to standard procedure. Waste heat quality and amounts were analysed and ...

Yangtze climate change data and Shetran simulation input files and results

There are four main components to this data. 1) Original CMIP5 climate data from 78 climate model projections. 2) The input files and results from the Shetran simulations of the current climate. 3) The input files and results from the future climate ...

4H-SiC MOSFETs data calculation

The data for IEEE Electron Device Letter paper was calculated in excel file. All parameter and calculation based on equation is shown in the same file.

Effects of energy deposition characteristics on localised forced ignition of homogeneous mixtures paper

DNS data produced from SENGA. Mainly used to investigate Effects of energy deposition characteristics on localised forced Ignition of homogeneous mixtures. Additionally they were processed from Fortran post-processing and further MATLAB post-processi...

Effects of Fuel Lewis number on localised forced ignition of Turbulent Homogeneous Mixture: A Numerical Investigation

The data will contains all figure files for the paper entitled "Effects of Fuel Lewis number on localised forced ignition of Turbulent Homogeneous Mixture: A Numerical Investigation" for the International Journal of Spray and Combus...

Analysis of the combined modelling of sub-grid transport and filtered flame propagation for premixed turbulent combustion

Flame surface density (FSD) based reaction rate closure is an important methodology of turbulent premixed flame modelling in the context of Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The transport equation for the Favre-filtered reaction progress variable needs c...

Layer-by-layer functionalisation of composite membranes for bone in vivo regeneration

The data represent the physico-chemical and biological characterisation of electrospun membranes functionalised by Layer-by-layer assembly. They involve: XPS, SEM, EDS, fluorescence microscopy, several biological tests, MicroCT analysis

Source Material for the Municipal Engineer: Workington Article

The recovery of Workington after its infrastructure failed in 2009 was a desk based study. From January to December 2014 secondary data was gathered from the internet. These materials give a narrative of events with the loss of infrastructure and the...

Multisectoral and regional simulation data

A quantitative approach to the analyse the urban metabolism of London. For this it uses the Multi-sectoral Systems Analysis (MSA) framework (Villarroel Walker et al., 2014). MSA is coupled with the Regionalised Sensitivity Analysis (RSA) to investiga...

Transport network and flood data for Newcastle (JIS 2017)

Data repository in support of Pregnolato et al. (2017): "Impact of Climate Change on Disruption to Urban Transport Networks from Pluvial Flooding", ASCE J. of Infr. Sys.

Data points, code and sources for the flood-transport curve

Data points, Matlab and Python codes, sources underpinning the paper "The impact of flooding on road transport: A depth-disruption function" (Pregnolato et al. 2017)

i-BUILD: Infrastructure BUsiness models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery

Rapid urbanization, with associated housing and infrastructure demands, leads to increased mining and use of non-renewable mineral raw materials needed for the construction industry including concrete and cement. In an emerging economy, like Thailand...

Microbial Time Series in an Engineered System

Here data from a two year time series of weekly samples collected from a full scale, nitrifying activated sludge system are collated. It includes generic wastewater chemistry and plant operational conditions, 16s sequencing and total bacterial, ammon...

Analytical data for a gold(I)-6-thioguanosine coordination polymer and the incorporation of this motif into DNA duplex. The data consists of spectroscopic, diffraction, microscopy, electrical and DFT modelling studies

Data set for A Coordination polymer for the site-specific integration of semiconducting sequences into DNA containing FTIR, Fluorescence, CD, AFM, computational, XPS, XRD, electrical data

Structural and spectroscopic data for the for a series of two-dimensional coordination polymers based on silver-pyridyl bonds

A series of new 2D coordination framework materials, based on Ag(I)-N bond formation, has been synthesised and structurally characterised by single crystal methods. Reactions between the poly-monodentate bridging ligand N,N'-((1r,4r)-cyclohexane...

Cortical thickness, total surface area, and exposed surface area derived from human MRI data for the investigation of cortical folding

Data was not acquired by us, but only processed by us. We extracted the information of cortical thickness, exposed surface area, and total surface area from MRI data provided by public databases.

Layered surface coating test data

Physical test data used in the development of layered surface coatings described in the section of the manuscript titled: Enabling technology - materials which age spectacularly

Ring-trap Soliton Data (I)

Simulations of Gross-PItaevskii equation and its stochastic generalisations for determining the optimum conditions for creating long-lived dark solitary waves in ring-trap condensates

Stochastic Multi-component Growth

Data showing competing growth of two-component condensates under different random noise/quench parameters

Phase separation and dynamics of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates

Data files, density profiles and phase diagrams

Non-equilibrium Atomic Condensates and Mixtures: Collective Modes and Thermalization

Data files (including center-of-mass, widths of atomic clouds and condensate numbers) and density profiles

Time-of-flight expansion of two-component Bose gas below and above the critical temperatures

Data files (including center-of-mass, widths of atomic clouds and condensate numbers) and density profiles

Dipole oscillation of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a uniform potential: A finite-temperature study

Data files (including center-of-mass, widths of atomic clouds and condensate numbers) and density profiles

Quenched Cold-Atom Dynamics and (Quasi)Condensation Growth

Contains information on number and phase growth dynamics, typical density and phase profiles, counting of defect numbers and related information

Aptamer lateral flow assays for ultrasensitive detection of β-conglutin combining recombinase polymerase amplification and tailed primers

The experimental results/data used to create Figures 2, 3 and 5 in main publication. S-1 in supplementary information and S-3 in supplementary information (linked to figures 3 and 5). Information on how the data was collected, why it was collected an...

Ultrasensitive, rapid and inexpensive detection of DNA using paper based lateral flow assay

The repository contains the data that underpins the publication, namely, the experimental data files used to create the figures within the primary research article publication. The files are quantitative tabular data with minimal metadata.

Experimental data for monoclonal antibody 521 characterisation studies

Raw data to support the paper Species-specific detection of C. difficile using targeted antibody design Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Manufacture and characterisation of porous PLA scaffolds

The data was acquired with two different techniques, gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). DSC was selected due to the information that it provides about the polymer thermal properties such as glass transiti...

Single cell polycationic coating for bioprocessing

Single cell encapsulation with a semi-permeable biodegradable shell is an attractive procedure for biomedical applications, including cell printing. Nozzle clogging is the major limitation of inkjet bioprinting, which makes the process unreliable. Th...

Data for Sensitivity of novel silicate and borate based glasses on in vitro bioactivity and degradation behaviour paper

Data for Sensitivity of novel silicate and borate based glasses on in vitro bioactivity and degradation behaviour paper (doi: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.06.146), published in Ceramic International.

3D Migration of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Fibrin Hydrogels

Data which underpins publication in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

First ReJI Paper Data

This is data which supports the paper entitled Reactive jet impingement process for high cell density bioprinting

3D printed multi-compartment scaffold as in vitro osteogenic model

The data show all the chemical, physical, mechanical and biological characterisation of multi-compartment scaffolds fabricated via 3D-printing as in vitro co-culture osteogenic model. Particularly: SEM, XPS, static compression and stress-relaxation t...

Manuka honey-based hydrogels for cartilage regeneration

The data includes the SEM analysis, water uptake tests and FTIR-ATR evaluation performed on manuka honey-based hydrogels after freeze-drying. The aim was to evaluate the physico-chemical properties of these samples.

PLLA PGF paper data

Data underpinning journal publication entitled Short phosphate glass fibre reinforcement of PLLA to promote bone mineralisation

An Individual-based Model of Biofilms

A two-dimensional individual-based Model of Biofilms has been implemented in Fortran. The model can simulate EPS (Extracellular Polymeric Substance) producers, non-producers and EPS matrix. The EPS production can be regulated (positively or negativel...

Biofilm detachment data

Data in support of submitted article to PLOS1 Bayesian approach to modelling the impact of hydrodynamic shear stress on biofilm deformation

Bayesian emulation and calibration of an individual-based model of microbial communities

Data associated with journal article Bayesian emulation and calibration of an individual-based model of microbial communities

A flow cytometry method for bacterial quantification and biomass estimates in activated sludge: The raw data

The raw data used in article A flow cytometry method for bacterial quantification and biomass estimates in activated sludge

Simulation results for Number Plate Recognition example of a system with Holistic Fault Tolerance

Contains original SANs models in Mobius tool format and the simulation results (raw and processing) in Excel format.

Voltage, Throughput, Power, Reliability and Multicore Scaling

This repository contains original experimental data files that support the paper "Voltage, Throughput, Power, Reliability and Multicore Scaling" published in the August, 2017 issue of IEEE Computer Magazine.

Models and simulation data supporting the method of Selective Abstraction

With the increase of system complexity in both platforms and applications, power modelling of heterogeneous systems is facing grand challenges from the model scalability issue. To address these challenges, our work uses two systematic methods: select...

Experimental data and theoretical speedup calculations for Odroid XU3 and Dell XPS platforms

Traditional speedup models, such as Amdahl's law, have helped the research community and industry better understand system performance capabilities and application parallelizability. As they mostly target homogeneous hardware platforms or limite...

Network-on-Chip simulation results from ArchOn

The analysis for extra-functional properties like power and performance takes a critical role in the system design workflow. Hardware-software co-simulation is one of the commonly used ways to perform this type of analysis. However, with the modern d...

The influence on the FPEG system with different types of disturbances

In this paper, a fast-response numerical model was used to investigate potential disturbances to a free-piston engine generator (FPEG), i.e. engine cycle-to-cycle variations, misfire and immediate electric load change. During the engine operation, th...

Effect of the gas exchange process on the diesel engine thermal overload

Test data of the effect of the gas exchange process on the diesel engine thermal overload

Thermal Overload Monitoring System with Test Results

Influence of engine thermal overload. Initial test results of the thermal overload sensing system

Scavenging Process of a Two-Stroke Free-Piston Engine

In this research, the piston dynamic characteristics of an FPEG is compared with that of a conventional engine (CE) of the same size, and the difference in the valve timing is compared for both port scavenging type and valve scavenging type, with the...

Creating LCA models for marine power plants

The environmental implications of marine power plants were assessed via life cycle assessment (LCA). The file presented the underlying data (i.e. standardised coefficients and parameters) used in creating those LCA models, covering manufacturing and...

Modelling results from a study of a Reverse Osmosis desalination system for potable water and land irrigation

The data is an excel spreadsheet containing all the results from the simulations. These simulations are described in the paper. In the paper itself only the most important data are presented. The spreadsheet includes all the data behind these results...

MyPlace: Future Envisioning City Planners Workshop 18th March 2015 (Transcripts 2&6)

The data is a verbatim transcript of mp3 audio data. The audio data was collected via 2 audio ÔZoomÕ recorders running concurrently on two tables where the workshop activities were taking place. It was collected to document how participants describ...

MyPlace: Mobility and Sight loss

The data was produced with 9 service users at Henshaws, an organisation that supports anyone with sight loss in northern England. The fieldwork was carried out using participatory research and a mobile ethnography. The data collection included worksh...

Optogenetics in Silicon: A Neural Processor for Predicting Optically Active Neural Networks

We present a reconfigurable neural processor for real-time simulation and prediction of opto-neural behaviour. We combined a detailed Hodgkin-Huxley CA3 neuron integrated with a four-state Channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) model into reconfigurable silicon h...

Nitrate-mediated Biocorrosion

The data includes corrosion data and chemical data that was collected from pure culture corrosion experiments with the oil field isolate Sulfurimonas sp. strain CVO.

FF/OLR Microbial impact

Time course data for 5 rice straw anaerobic digesters. 16S DNA amplicon data has been submitted to NCBI GenBank MG808422 - MG811525

Validation and applications of Nickel nanoparticle catalysis for hydration of CO2

The data was collected to validate the catalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles (NiNPs) for hydration of CO2. The data shows the catalytic activity of NiNPs using the pH drop method (as used by Mirjafari et al. Ind.Eng.Chem.Res, 2007, 46, 921), und...

Metallic nickel nanoparticles and their effect on the embryonic development of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus

Optical images of the sea urchin before and after exposure to different concentration of nickel nanoparticles, to find malformations of sea urchin , the images were measured in micron size nickel nanoaprticles were characterised by high resolution tr...

Enhanced removal of Nickel (II) from aqueous solutions by SDS-functionalized graphene oxide

Adsorption experiments were conducted by stirring known amounts of Graphene Oxide (GO) or SDS-functionalized Graphene Oxide (GO-SDS) (ranging from 10 to 100 mg) with 25 mL of aqueous Ni (II) solutions (at concentrations ranging from 5 to 40 mg/L) fo...

Kinetic data for photocatalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles for hydration of CO2

The data is pH change when CO2 is bubbled in DI water or NiNPs suspension in presence of artifital light, artifitial light with IR filter and the dark. It was collected to prove that NiNPs work as photocatalyt for hydration of CO2. The data was proce...

Characterisation by UV-Visible spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis of graphene functionalised by alanine

There remains a real need for the easy, eco-friendly and scalable preparation method of graphene due to various potential applications. Chemical reduction is the most versatile method for the large scale production of graphene. Here we report the ope...

Experimental confirmation that reduced graphene oxide bismuth nanocomposite reach theoretical capacity value

Data include FTIR, SEM, XRD, XPS, CV, TEM, Nyquist plot, specific capacity, DTA, TGA, nitrogen adsorption - desorption isotherms

Community Conversational

Interview data from Neighbourhood Data exploration

Magnetic Resonance Imaging data evaluating a new paramagentically shifted molecular imaging agent in test objects and mice

Data consists of magnetic resonance scans using 3D Gradient Echo (3DGE) imaging and 3D spectroscopic imaging (3D-MRSI) collected in test objects to demonstrate the ability to detect a signal directly from a contrast agent molecules (rather than detec...

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Maps of Laser-Patterned Reduced Graphene Oxide

The data are maps of the Carbon 1s (C1s), Oxygen 1s (O1s) and Carbon KLL (CKLL) spectra from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) collected over a 4mm x 5mm area of a deposited graphene/graphite oxide (GO) layer patterned using a laser to induce th...

Controllable long-range interactions between dark solitons in dipolar condensates

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

Data set for “Exploring the stability and dynamics of dipolar matter-wave dark solitons”

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

Numerical and analytic data for bright solitons composed of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates

The data is based on zero-temperature, mean-field model for a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate as provided by the dipolar Gross-Pitaevskii equation. The data relates to analytical and numerical treatments of this problem, as described in the article.

Numerical data for Interaction-sensitive oscillations of dark solitons in trapped dipolar condensates

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

Numerical data for Probing quasi-integrability of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in a harmonic-oscillator potential

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

Numerical data for Quantum Ferrofluid Turbulence

The data set corresponds to the figures in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication.

FPGA based cerebellum Passager-of-Time (POT) data

The data are all calculated from the designed FPGA based cerebellum processors. It presents the how biological cerebellum represents the timing information in spiking-patterns. The processing are followed by the Passage-of-Time model developed by Tad...

Indoor climate and qualitative interivew data exploring data as a platform for negotiating facilities management

Sensor data collected over 2-4 weeks from 3 organisations includes temperature, humidity, light, and PIR from multiple sample points in selected offices with a history of comfort complaints. Qualtiative data from focus groups with building occupants...

Deploying Pervasive Sensing for Evidence-Based Management: Auditing Study Interview Data

A selection of interview transcripts in timestamped RTF format, used in the preparation of the IMWUT 2017 paper: Augmenting Audits (Published in IMWUT June 2017). Only data relevant to the publication of this paper has been included, not a complete s...

Quaternion weighted Fourier linear Combiner (QwFLC) Code - a MATLAB implementation

A computer programme under MATLAB that executes the QwFLC algorithm

Combined Influence of Forearm Orientation and Muscular Contraction on EMG Pattern Recognition

Raw Electromyogram (EMG) & Accelerometry (ACC) data collected using surface electrodes attached to subjects' forearm. This data was collected while subjects performed a few repetition of some hand gestures at three different force le...

Handwritten Chinese Numbers

One hundred Chinese nationals took part in data collection. Each participant wrote with a standard black ink pen all 15 numbers in a table with 15 designated regions drawn on a white A4 paper. This process was repeated 10 times with each participant....

EMG data collected from various muscle groups while learning to use an abstract decoder.

Five channel electromyography data obtained while participants performed an abstract motor learning task. Participants used co-contraction of muscle pairs from the right hand and forearm to control a cursor. Data were collected under three experiment...

FTIR and NMR Spectra of the functionalised membranes

The data comprise of FTIR and NMR spectra of the initial and aged functionalised membranes

LDPE-VBC-TMA based membranes for water electrolysis

LDPE-VBC-TMA based alkaline anion exchange membrane used with NiCo2O4 catalyst and SEBS ionomer for electrolysis at different NaOH concentration and temperature.

Degradation of radiation grafted anion exchange membranes tethered with different amine functional groups

The data comprise of the solid-state NMR spectra of the initial and aged functionalised membranes and the solution-NMR spectra of the degradation solutions.

Characterization data on fuel cell

Electrochemical data for fuel cell testing at 70C.

Transcripts from focus groups of mental health professionals discussing hackathon concepts & prototypes

The data is comprised of transcripts of conversations (approximately 45 minutes in length) that were conducted with mental health professionals. These professionals (therapists, clinical psychologists and doctors), as well as charity workers, were as...

Micro-machinability of nanoparticle-reinforced Mg-based MMCs: An experimental investigation

Data include: machining parameter set data, machined surface topography data, and surface roughness measurement data. Surface topography data were collected by SEM – data were not post-processed; surface roughness data were collected using surface ...

Diamond Micro-milling of Lithium Niobate for Sensing applications

Data include: machining parameter set data, machined surface topography data, surface roughness measurement data, cutting force data. Surface topography data were collected by SEM – data were not post-processed; surface roughness data were collecte...

ThinkActive Activity Data

This data contains anonymised step count data for children who engaged in the ThinkActive deployment in 2017.

FeedFinder textual data integrated with associated Index of Multiple Deprivation rank data

A collection of reviews of venues for how breastfeeding friendly they are generated by users of the FeedFinder app, together with information about the venues created by referencing their location with the Index of Multiple Deprivation dataset.

Radar charts for user identification systems on multi-touch interactive surfaces

SVG radar charts for a number of the user identification systems surveyed visualized using the conceptual model developed in the paper.

Single wrist-worn Accelerometer data

Single wrist-worn embedded sensors designed to develop specific activity recognition of writing, typing and touching (scrolling) Accelerometer measures the acceleration in a three-dimensional space of a moving body. The data consist of raw, binary a...

Citation network of selected articles on social network analysis

Node list and edge list of the citation network of the references in the associated publication

Our Story Participatory Video Data

Video and meta data captured using the Our Story platform in the field in Indonesia, Namibia and Cairo. Transcripts of video.

Transcripts from participant interviews, and mongodb data files for meta-data about captured video

Group interviews were performed during the deployment and transcribed, resulting in the text documents. The metadata created during the deployment is encapsulated in the BSON collections.

Observation data from interactions of students using Digital Mysteries on a multi-pen tabletop

Observation methods provided the main source of data for the study which allowed us to view the processes involved in the students’ completion of the Digital Mysteries task through multiple lenses. For each of the sessions (n = 3) two video cameras...

Group Spinner study data

Audio recordings of semi structured interviews with teachers Transcripts of the audio recordings

Anonymised share links and clicks data from App Movement platform

The anonymised records of share links and clicks used to construct data sets that are suitable for modelling by the model introduced in the associated publication

Newcastle Grasp Library

71 objects in four grasp classes are included in this database. We synchronised a Crayfish 55 turntable (Seabass, UK) with a Canon Kiss X4 DSLR camera (resolution 18 Megapixel, 3456×5184 pixels) to take 72 pictures from each object (at 5 degrees i...

ENG recordings in response to mechanical stimulation

Electroneurogram signals recorded from 16-channel cuff electrodes placed on the sciatic nerve of Sprague Dawley rats. The recordings were made in response to three types of mechanical stimulation, namely, proprioception, touch and nociception. The da...

ENG recordings in response to mechanical stimulation

This data supports the journal paper titled 'Influence of nerve cuff channel count and implantation site on the separability of afferent ENG'. Electroneurogram signals recorded from 16-channel and 3 -channel cuff electrodes placed on the sc...

Recordings from the L4 Dorsal Root in response to stimulation at the sciatic nerve

Bipolar recordings from the dorsal root of the rat, in response to stimulation using a multichannel cuff electrode at the sciatic nerve. Temporally-patterned pairs of electrical stimuli were delivered through 120 combinations of electrode pairs on a...

Integrated chemisorption cycles for ultra-low grade heat recovery and thermo-electric energy storage and exploitation

The integrated chemisorption technology driven by ultra-low grade heat for simultaneous electrical power and thermal energy storage has been investigated in this work. A resorption cycle employing low and high temperature salts, with the coupling bet...

Numerical calculation of absorption heat transformer to upgrade ultra-low grade waste heat

The data is some calculation results about the performance of a absorption heat transformer to upgrade ultra-low grade heat from 40 to 60 C , including temperature lift and system efficiency. The study was conducted to satisfy the project requirement...

An optimised chemisorption cycle for power generation using low grade heat

Based on the integrated resorption cycle with a turbine/expander for power generation, an innovative advanced resorption power generation cycle with reheating process was proposed to substantially improve the power output and energy and exergy effici...

Dynamic modelling and experimental validation of scroll expander for small scale power generation system

The data is the modelling process of a scroll expander-generator system used in small scale power generation system. The study was conducted to satisfy the project requirement to explore methods for ultra-low grade waste heat recovery.

Advanced Absorption Power Generation Cycles

This data gives the introduction of the proposed advanced absorption power generation cycles, their analysis method and their performance.

Theoretical thermodynamic analysis on resorption power generation and pumpless ORC

Resorption power generation cycle (RPGC) has been theoretically investigated and compared with pumpless organic Rankine cycle (PORC). The PORC operates without a liquid pump in conventional ORC and shares the similar configuration with RPGC. Three di...

IAA Strategic Project: Graphene Synthesis

Characterisation data determining properties of synthesised graphene. A variety of techniques used for these measurements: SEM, TEM, AFM and Raman performed at Newcastle University and Leeds University.

AMR data on Hospital Wastes and Urban Drains in Delhi

This dataset contains qPCR data on selected antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial isolates from sampling at 12 hospitals and five urban drains in New Delhi from 2014

Simulation code for performance evaluations

Performance analysis results for a multiple-input multiple-output system including bit-error rate, and asymptotic bounds

Code and results for full-duplex comms

The data includes the simulation code in MATLAB and the obtained results presented in the paper.

Simulation Data

Data waveforms from simulation of the behaviour of MICS-based RF Wireless Power Transfer Systems in Matlab

Bioanode and biocathode performance in a microbial electrolysis cell

The data describes a study of hydrogen production in biocathode MEC and its limitations due to the poor performance of bioanode.

Experimental data of a hydrogen-producing biocathode to the responses of applied potential and reactants in a microbial electrolysis cell

Results (hydrogen production, current density, electrochemical property (CVs), pH, conductivity and cathode recovery) from the responses of the biocathode to applied potentials, sulphate and bicarbonate concentrations are included. The results also i...

Experimental data of a microbial electrolysis cell fully catalysed by microorganisms for the production of hydrogen

The data represent the responses of the bioelectrodes to a range of voltage that applied to a microbial electrolysis cell. The data of the response are converted into different results to facilitate the study. These results included hydrogen producti...

Electrochemical CO2 reduction catalyzed by CuxO in 2C cell and GDE cell with various aqueous electrolytes

The data describes a study of how CO2 supply method and alkaline catholyte affect the reaction performance of CO2 electro-reduction catalyzed by CuxO catalyst

Development of electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction

This data provide the information for the synthesis, fabrication, and complete materials analysis for the produced electrocatalysts. Electrochemical cahracterization data is appended as wel..

Data of parametric study centrifugally spun PHBV-fibres

Contains data of viscosity, images of Fibres morphology obtained by Scanning Electron Microscopy, fibre diameters data, Differential Scanning Calorimetry traces and tensile test results

Robust novel multiple human tracking algorithm published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Video based multiple human tracking often involves several challenges including target number variation, object occlusions, and noise corruption in sensor measurements. In this paper, we propose a novel method to address these challenges based on pro...

Gel contraction data in presence of cells and supplemented media

Measurements of collagen gel area containing stromal cells and presence or absence of secondary gel formed from peptide amphiphile. Gel area reduces in persence of serum supplemented media directed by cell contraction. Gel area is less reduced in pre...

Data Access Synthesis of bioinspired collagen/alginate/fibrin based hydrogels for soft tissue engineering

It contains paper raw data of physical-chemical characterisation such as FTIR-ATR analysis, gelation, water uptake, rheology, degradation. Details and raw data obtained for metabolic activity, DNA quantification and confocal analysis is also provided...

Ejector modelling for ejection refrigeration system

The data gives all the used modelling equations and the results of an ejector for ejection refrigeration. The key finds of this modelling was the values of hypothetical throat area for the secondary fluid in the ejector, based on which empirical equa...

Solar photovoltaic-thermal collector integrated with thermochemical sorption thermal energy storage

Modelling and simulation of the electric and thermal energy generation performance of a solar photovoltaic-thermal collector; using MATLAB and ANSYS Fluent software; potential study of the integration with hot water tank for daily domestic hot water ...

Comparative analysis of small-scale organic Rankine cycle systems for solar energy utilisation

Data is used to evaluate the performance of a small-scale ORC with thermal driven pump when operating at a low solar irradiance level. And to further illustrate the performance of two solar ORCs in terms of power output, energy and exergy efficiencie...

Non-equilibrium theoretical analysis of resorption power generation cycle with multiple expansions

The performance of the proposed multiple expansion resorption power generation cycle using three typical resorption salt pairs, including sodium bromide - manganese chloride, strontium chloride - manganese chloride and sodium bromide - strontium chlo...

Numerical calculation of sodium acetate trihydrate as seasonal solar energy storage material

The data gives the basic thermo-physical properties of sodium acetate solution and sodium acetate trihydrate, including phase diagram, density, specific heat and thermal conductivity. The simulation process of the solidification process of sodium ace...

Heating demand and available useful solar heat in different cities in the UK

The data contains three Excel documents with different return water temperatures at 30, 40 and 50 °C respectively. The calculated heating demands of dwellings in 8 different cities in the UK with different heat loss coefficients (50, 150 and 250 W/K...

Model and parameters for calculating the energy and exergy efficiency of a hybrid absorption-compression high temperature heat pump

This work explored a hybrid absorption-compression heat pump (HAC-HP) to upgrade and recover the industrial waste heat in the temperature range of 60°C–120°C. The new HAC-HP system proposed has a condenser, an evaporator, and one more solution pu...

Liquid desiccant properties calculation

Matlab programs to calculate thermo-physical properties of different liquid desiccant solutions

Thermal properties

Thermal diffusivity and conductivity of diesel with nanoparticle

Experimental data of SrCl2-expanded graphite composite

Equilibrium concentration characteristics of ammonia within the studied composite were measured using the heat sources at 90 °C, 100 °C and 110 °C for the decomposition process, where the degree of conversion achieved 50%, 78% and 96% respec...

Data of calculation results of SSTES system using chemisorption for domestic dwellings in the UK

The data is the calculated results of the performance of a seasonal solar thermal energy storage system using CaCl2-NH3, BaCl2-NH3 or NaBr-NH3 chemisorption for a typical domestic dwelling in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, including the charging performance in...

Data supporting A hybrid Reverse Osmosis/Adsorption desalination plant for irrigation and drinking water

Technical data underpinning the publication A hybrid Reverse Osmosis/Adsorption desalination plant for irrigation and drinking water includes the modelling results and assumptions.

Quantum Dynamics on TADF mechanism

Quantum dynamics simulation, collected straight form the program and therefore unprocessed.

Regio- and Conformational Isomerisation Critical to Design of Efficient Thermally-activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters

Quantum chemistry and Quantum dynamics simulations relevant to the publication (title: Regio- and Conformational Isomerisation Critical to Design of Efficient Thermally-activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters). These were collected straight from the ...

Quantum Chemistry for Room Temperature Phosphorescence and TADF

This data includes some quantum chemistry calculations, performed with Qchem for the Room Temperature Phosphorescence and TADF molecules

Classical Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry for TADF Guest host interactions

In this repository, the input files, parameter files and data for our study on the guest-host interactions and their role in solid state solvation effects on the charge transfer states of a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter can be foun...

The Intersystem Crossing Mechanism of an Ultrapure Blue Organoboron Emitter

Data underpinning the results presented in the paper: The Intersystem Crossing Mechanism of an Ultrapure Blue Organoboron Emitter Published in organic electronics.

Data underpinning the analysis of the first carbon atlas of the state of Kuwait

The data presented in the paper "The first carbon atlas of the state of Kuwait" is presented. This data includes the raw or estimate CO2 emission sources by sector in Kuwait.

NGCC&Adsorption CCS

Here is the data of the efficiency of NGCC&Adsorption system. Also exergy and heat loss are included.

Levelised cost of storage data

Technical results of the LCOS analysis associated with the paper in the form of a spreadsheet

Oscillations in palladium catalysts

Raw data was collected for palladium catalyst in various modes, including oscillatory and non-oscillatory mode, in regular regime and in mixed mode regime.

Data for pulsatile release from chitosan hydrogel

Coupling oscillatory chemical reactions to smart materials which can respond to external stimuli is considered an answer to the long-standing issue of pulsatile drug delivery. Although a number of coupled architectures exist, there are no systems rep...

Pd-catalysed oscillatory carbonylation reactions: solvent, substrate, catalyst

Data demonstrate that pH oscillations in carbonylation reactions have the potential to occur in a broad range of aliphatic alcohol solutions when using either a small molecule substrate (phenylacetylene) or a polymeric substrate (pegylated alkyne) wi...

Impedance spectroscopy, kinetics and stability

Impedance spectroscopy, kinetics and stability data to map the performance of composite CO2 separation membranes.

Design and characterisation of bodipy sensitizers for dye-sensitized NiO solar cells

Current-Voltage and IPCE data for dye-sensitized solar cells, absorption and emission spectra.

Data from Instrumented Cities Project – Leeds

Data 1 is a minute-by-minute dataset from 20 mote sensor locations in Medway (in Kent) for April, May, June and July 2011. Data 2, 3, 4 and 5 comprise 1, 10, 20, 30, 60 and 120 seconds resolution flow and occupancy data from the Leicester SCOOT syst...

Transcriptions of Workshops and Days Out for Exploring Media Capture of Meaningful Experiences to Support Families Living with Dementia

The data in this record is rich, qualitative discussions exploring the capturing of meaningful experiences through photography, and 360-degree videos to support families living with dementia. The three families took part in day trips which they co-de...

Create, Learn and Inspire with Micro:bit and the BBC Pilot Data

This data outlines the experiences of nine UGs and one researcher from Newcastle University who worked in partnership with nine local secondary schools and an afterschool coding club, as part of the “Create, Learn and Inspire with micro:bit and the...

Community Radio in Later Life

For this project, data in the form of semi-structured interviews was collected. Thematically, the interviews describe the process of community radio production in later life.

Multimedia contributions and WhatsApp Chat Transcripts from WhatFutures Pilot June 2017

Multimedia files for the participant submissions to WhatFutures 3 challenges. Consisting of Audio, Articles and Video. WhatsApp Chat extracts from WhatFutures June 2017, including individual team chats, and larger conference group chats.

Interviews with Commissioners of Technological Device that Encouraged Drawing and Talking

Transcripts of interviews with collaborators/commissioners of data discussing how they felt people interacted with the technology. Selected drawings and their associated transcripts

ENG recordings from the L4 dorsal root

Recordings made from the L4 dorsal root in Sprague Dawley Rats. Recordings were made in response to paired pulse stimulation of the sciatic nerve.

Network and Reliability Data

Network and Reliability Data

Workshop Transcripts and Outputs from Family Data Workshops

A series of three workshops were conducted in Summer 2018 - one with supported families, one with support workers, and a combined one with parents and support workers. The data is a series of 15 transcripts from across the three workshops, as well as...

Design files for collaborative reflective poster

This data set comprises different files the co-researchers co-produced and curated in a collaborative reflective process of designing a poster. This includes draft texts for describing the overall project, a text file identifying key moments (of empo...

Anonymous platform for employee voice facilitation

Research data gathered from interviews, workshops and deployments

Transcripts (anonymised) of interviews with diary keepers and smart journal users

Interviews were around an hour long, and asked people about the practices and motivations for recording their lives using a variety of tools. They were also asked to share extracts from their diaries or journals. This data was later analysed using an...

Pyridinium p-DSSC Dyes

Data to accompany Pyridinium p-DSSC Dyes: An Old Acceptor Learns New Tricks DYPI_2018_2284_R1 . This includes current-voltage curves and UV-visible absorption spectra.

Operand timing distributions and energy usage of asynchronous circuits

The data show how asynchronous circuit delays differ across input operands. They also show energy consumption for the mean set of operands. The mean set of operands are those operands whose delay values match the mean of the entire dataset. The data ...

Flooding and network dataset for Tyne and Wear

The research aimed to apply transport modelling and hazard simulations, in order to quantify the flooding impact to urban network performance. Network and flooding modelling were effectively coupled, enabling the assessment of multiple extreme rainfa...

Participation and interaction statistics for a self-organising online course for would-be social innovators and activists

The data is summary statistics of three iterations of online courses for would-be social innovators and activists, including participation and interaction data.

Interviews with families and children on the use of mobile phones/technology for learning

Voice recordings with families, images of interaction design workshop

Urban Observatory Environment

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see

Qualitative data from interviews with staff and volunteers at a UK charity around the collection and presentation of evidence for policy work

These data consist of transcripts of semi-structured interviews conducted with nine staff and volunteers at a UK charity. Participants discuss their experience of campaigning on the issue of accessible transport, and the role of technology in evidenc...

Urban Observatory Weather and Climate data

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see

Urban Observatory Transport

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Urban Observatory Energy

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Urban Observatory Water

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Urban Observatory Human

Continuous dataset collection since 2014 through Urban Observatory (UO) sensors. The data covers the geographical area of the North East of England centred on Newcastle upon Tyne (for geographical extent and location of sensors see http://uoweb1.ncl....

Quantification of effective exoelectrogens by most probable number (MPN) in a microbial fuel cell

Methods and results of (i) MPN counts of effective electrogens as measured with microbial fuel cells, and of (ii) the effect of UV irradiation on COD and bacterial content of domestic wastewater.

Online UWC self-organised online course for activists summary data (courses on

The data is summary statistics of two iterations of online courses conducted for the first time on the learning platform for would-be social innovators and activists, including participation and interaction data

FeedFinder: the text reviews

Data includes text reviews collected from FeedFinder (a mobile application used to support women breastfeeding outside of the home). Each review includes an additional text review box where users are able to provide information on their breastfeeding...

Generated synthetic spatial nodal configurations of real-world infrastructure systems

Generated spatial nodal configurations for numerous infrastructure systems (including, the European Air Traffic network and UK rail stations) using the algorithm proposed in “Spatial Structure and Evolution of Infrastructure Networks”.

CoHERE Critical Archive

Data is held online:

Qualitative data from interviews with volunteers and staff from non-profit organisations on open data and financial reporting

Data is audio (mp3) data of interviews and workshops structured around interactions on NPO and Local Authority Finances. Audio was recorded and then the files were sent off for transcription from a third-party. Transcripts and audio were then subject...

Trihalomethanes in Point of Use Water Disinfection Experiments

Concentrations of trihalomethanes in water samples measured after point of use water disinfection with chlorine and chlorine dioxide tablets by a GC-ECD method

Synthesis and characterisation of new diphiosphatetrylenes

The data consist of (i) NMR spectra of the reported compounds (1H, 13C, 31P and 119Sn), including variable-temperature and solid-state spectra; (ii) UV-visible spectra of the germanium compounds in both THF and toluene; (iii) output files from DFT ca...

Accident data for hotspot prediction in the city of Halle, Germany

The data comprises annual road traffic accident counts at 734 potential hotspot in and around the city of Halle, Germany, as well as associated covariate information (e.g. traffic flows, site type, site classification etc.). The data span the years 2...

Social Justice and Technology for Sex Work Support Services

Survey responses from sex workers and sex work support workers about their use of a particular service.

Audio research files - FeedFinder interviews 2015-2016

Data includes audio files from interviews, focus groups and meetings with public health breastfeeding services, breastfeeding women on the use of FeedFinder in practice.

CAD3 and CAD4 spectroscopic data and dye-sensitized solar cells

This data supports a manuscript which describes a comparison between the photophysical properties of two charge-transfer dyes (CAD3 and CAD4) adsorbed onto NiO via two different binding moieties. Transient spectroscopy measurements suggest that the s...

Time-resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of P1 and P1-bodipy

These time-resolved infrared (TRIR) absorption spectra were collected at the Ultra facility and the Rutherford Applelton Laboratory to determine the structure and lifetime of the intermediates formed on photoexcitation of two organic donor-π-accepto...

Qualitative Data from Workshops Engaging People with Disabilites in Do-It-Yourself Activities with Personal Fabrication Tools

The data was collected in course of a workshop series. It comprises anonymised transcripts of semi-structured preparation interviews conducted with five study participants, show-and-tell videos recorded by the participants and reflective discussions ...

Theoretical, crsytallographic and spectroscopic data for disilene, etc

NMR data (jcamp format) for all compounds, DFT output files for all calculations, cif files for crystallographically characterised compounds.

Manuscript detailing an economic and sustainability analysis of carbon dioxide use in microbial electrosynthesis

This study examines the latest advancements in the field of Microbial ElectroSynthesis (MES) and reports a unique sustainability and economic assessment for the production of five alternative compounds (formic, acetic, propionic acids; methanol and e...

Game testing data

Transcripts from testing the game

Data from the large MEC at Chester le Street STW

Underlying Data for the Fuel Cells publication and EPSRC funded research on: Low Temperature Domestic Wastewater Treatment in a Microbial Electrolysis Cell with 1 m2 anodes: Towards System Scale-Up. Data were collected during a four year engineering...

Interviews with participants exploring the use of an app for participation in planning processes

This data includes transcripts of the data on which the publication was written, including interviews and data generated through the App. The program's files are also included.

Microbial analysis of biodegradation/biofiltration experiments

16s rRNA gene sequencing data obtained at Newcastle University for samples from trace organic compound (TOrC) biodegradation and biofiltration experiments, which were conducted at the Colorado School of Mines.

NMR spectra and crystallographic data on alkali metal phosphides

Room temperature and variable-temperature NMR data and X-ray crystallographic data for all compounds

Supporting data p-type Dye Sensitised Solar Cells using Polyoxometalates

Lindqvist polyoxometalate (POM) additives increase VOC in p-type dye sensitized solar cells by up to 140%, producing substantial gains in overall efficiency for poorly matched dye/redox mediator combinations. For better dye/electrolyte combinations, ...

Characterisation Data of OER Double Perovskites

X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and low energy ion scattering data that are used in the paper.

Engine performance data supporting Particulate number and NOx trade-off comparisons between HVO and mineral diesel in HD applications

These folders includes technical (performance and emissions) data obtained from a HD diesel engine operating on HVO

Temporal data of tweets and retweets of two hashtags

The data contains necessary information for analysis reported in the associated publication. Specifically, it contains the time stamps of original tweets on Twitter as well as their associated retweets, for #thehandmaidstale on 2017-06-14 and for #go...

Surface morphological attributes derived from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Data repository in support of Peppa et al. (2017) "Brief communication: Landslide motion from cross correlation of UAV-derived morphological attributes", Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. An analysis of image-cross-correlation with surface morp...

Urban flood model input/output data

Hydrodynamic model input and output data in the form of surveyed & synthetic storm drain inlet networks and cumulative flow captured by inlets respectively to analyse the drainage performance of the different inlet networks.

Qualitative and system use data from the evaluation of a digital feedback collection tool for use by voluntary sector care organisations

The data comprises a set of semi-structured interviews with study participants, staff of a collaborating charity care service organisation. Each was recorded at the premises of the organisation following the designing of a digital feedback capturing ...

CAPOW - source code

Source code for the weighting calculation program CAPOW

Records of FlexE-Touch Implementations

Qualitative data documenting different use cases of FlexE-Touch, an instance of a Schnittmuster approach to crafting custom touch sensing toolkits. The data was collected in course of workshops and public outreach activities. In particular this data ...

Data corpus detailing engagements with stakeholders involved in the design of the Local Offer system

Summarised field note data and summarised transcripts from interviews and workshops with research participants

Fieldwork and Interview data regarding accounting procedures in charities

This data consists of fieldwork data (field notes, vignettes, and interview data) based around an ethnomethodological eniquiry into the accounting practices of small charities. One organisation participated in the study, and this archive consists of ...

Oxygen cycling and material stability data of YBaCo4O7 with reference to oxygen enrichment processes

TGA data showing oxygen incorporation and release into a variety of pO2 of YBaCo4O7. Additionally XRD and TG stability data in different reducing environments is included

Transcripts of Ethnographic Interviews with Families about the Storage, Sharing and Handling of their Family Civic Data

In 2017, we interviewed four families using a design-game-based ethnographic interviewing technique about their views of Family Civic Data (data stored by state agencies and authorities about their family), how it is currently handled, stored and sha...

Complex Social Lives of New Parents

Qualitative data from a series of workshops undertaken in order to understand the social lives of new parents.

Data Regarding Bullying and Harassment Training

This data will include all code for the implementation of digital probes, transcript analysis nodes and databases of data for both probes

Data supporting the Streets for People research project

This data primarily contains the work produced by the children taking part in the Streets for People research project. This comprises media outputs, including photographs created by the researcher and participants and digitised prompt cards, posters ...

Designing bespoke VR experiences for people with dementia

This data is comprised of field notes and recorded interview data stemming from two design workshops carried out with people with dementia and their carers. With recreational VR applications coming to the market for dementia, we must consider how VR ...

Data detailing engagements with study participants involved in the Co-Inquiry into Collectivist Health Technologies for People with Parkinsons

Summarised field note data and summarised transcripts from workshops with research participants

Data from 3 stages of Research on Spokespeople: 1. Exploratory workshop, 2. Deployment 3. Summary workshop

Data from 3 stages of Research on Spokespeople: Stage 1. Exploratory workshop, transcription of workshop audio recordings and photographs of written materials Stage 2. Deployment, anonymised data submitted through two week trial of Spokespeople syst...

Ticket to Talk

Interview, workshop, and field note data for the Ticket to Talk project. Exploring how technology can support intergenerational interactions between younger people and people with dementia.

Local food networks study data collection

Written field notes, interview data (audio recordings, transcripts), NVivo data analysis file, photographs of site visits

RDS Project for EPSRC Funded Students not Affiliated to other Projects

Anonymised data resulting from the StammerApp - Design workshops, Surveys and results, App evaluation and feedback

Infrastructuring the Solidarity Economy

Data and notes for undertaken fieldwork and research for writing the Infrastructuring the Solidarity Economy CHI paper in 2018.

Spectroscopic, structural and computational data

For the compounds reported in this paper: NMR spectra for all compounds, cif files for crystal structures, output files from calculations.

Comparison of glucose oxidation using Pyranose-2-Oxidase and glucose oxidation, and performances of enzymatic fuel cells

Data for the figures in the paper just accepted in Biosensor and Bioelectronics entitled: Enzymatic fuel cells with an oxygen resistant variant of Pyranose-2-Oxidase as anode biocatalyst

Listening experiment data related to the role of human influence factors on overall listening experience

The publication "the role of human influence factors on overall listening experience" makes use of data gathered in an empirical listening experiment. The key data related to this publication is hereby made available.

Qualitative and system use data from the evaluation of a digital consultation system used by community organisations

The data was audio recorded semi-structured interview, transcribed by author, coded and themed for analysis.

Correcting Mobility Entropy of Mobile Phone Data

Data being used in the paper: Vanhoof,M., Schoors, W., Van Rompaey, A., Ploetz, T., Smoreda, Z. (2018) Correcting mobility entropy for regional comparison of individual movement patterns. Journal of Urban Technology. Remark that the mobile phone data...

The quality of experience of next generation audio, PhD data

Data originating from the PhD project: "The quality of experience of next generation audio: Exploring system, context and human influence factors".

Expressive Things Participant Data

Interaction elicitation dataset from Expressive Things study. Interaction elicitation dataset from Expressive Things study. Includes coded user interaction data and videos of all studies.

Low-energy sponge-core bioreactor for reducing total nitrogen and antibiotic resistance burden in domestic wastewater

Inadequate sanitation can lead to the spread of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) via contaminated water. Unfortunately, wastewater treatment is not universal in many developing and emerging countries, especially in rural and per...

Thermogravimetric data on the combustion of graphite and lignite

This is the raw data generated from a Mettler-Toledo TGA/DSC1, for the combustion of graphite powder and a German lignite char under isothermal conditions to investigate the production of CO and CO2 when combustion takes place under external mass tra...

Frictional losses in free-piston engine and crankshaft engines

The main friction mechanisms were identified to be the piston assembly including piston rings and piston skirt, valve train system, the crank and bearing system for the CSE, and the linear electric generator for the FPE. The frictional loss of each f...

ParkLearn MobileHCI paper data

Observations, interview data and the consent forms used for this study

Wind speed series for a location in southwest England

Hourly wind speed gust maxima, January 1 2003-December 31 2012 (inclusive).

Data on evaluating codesign as a method of surfacing care in Refugee communities

The data includes quotes from 13 refugee women and reflective notes by the researcher on the use of codesign methods to explore the possibility of developing a sharing economy platform that aims to improve the food security of refugees residing in ru...

Creating Interactive Digital Content: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Develop Critical Peer Feedback

This data supports the research activity conducted with schools in Delhi, India and Newcastle upon Tyne, England, looking at how culture as context could support students to engage in critical peer feedback through the creation and exchange of a digi...

Participant evaluation data of Expressy (accelerometer, gyroscope data from wrist-worn IMU)

Quantitive data to validate Expressy interactions. Users were asked to perform tasks and metrics in relation to task completion and user capabilities were measured from wrist-worn IMU.

Co-located Collabortitve Writing Transcripts

Anonymized Transcriptions and Analysis data from Classroom Studies for Co-located Collaborative Writing 2012-2014

Photophysical properties of bodipy-polyoxometalate hybrids

Fluorescence, spectroelectrochemical and time-resolved spectroscopy analysis were used to investigate the photoinduced dynamics of three covalently-bound bodipy-polyoxometalate hybrid systems. The hybrids differ by their metal atom, bridge length and...

Data:In Place Interviews

Transcriptions of one on one interviews with research participants around their perceptions of using data in local decision-making.

WEFWEBs WEF@Home Household Data

The dataset comprises qualitative data generated from a Newcastle University-based project (WEF@Home) investigating patterns of household consumption of water, energy and food in one Northern and one Southern city of the UK. The data was collected fr...

Multi-stage Microbial Fuel Cell Toxcity Sensing Data

Data obtained from operation and calibration of multi-stage Microbial Fuel Cells (voltage datalogging, medium replacements) fed with GGA medium and toxicity tests with 4-nitrophenol.

Technologies for Social Justice: Lessons from Sex Workers on the Front Lines

Interview and workshop transcripts

Designs and Transcriptions of Interviews, Design Sprint and Workshops for the Ideation Stage of a Digital Service Directory for North East Domestic Violence Services

The data in this record is rich, qualitative discussions around the designs of a digital public service directory that took place between January and July 2018. This contains 10 anonymised interviews from domestic violence service providers (ranging ...

Qualitative Data Capturing the Voices of Exhibiting Makers, Event Organisers and Visitors at two Maker Faire events

The data was collected in course of two Maker Faire events in April/May 2018: Maker Faire UK (MFU) took place in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and Maker Faire Vienna (MFV) took place in Vienna (Austria). The study aimed to capture the perspectives of di...

JourneyCam Interview Data

Interview transcripts from 13 powered wheelchair users in the UK about their experiences of mobility and getting about. The interviews followed accompanied, technologically-mediated journeys with interviewees.

Gabber: Supporting Voice in Participatory Qualitative Practices

Interview data, thematic analysis and notes made during field trials of Gabber. -- We describe the iterative design, development and learning process we undertook to produce Gabber, a digital platform that aims to support distributed capture of spo...

Piston motion control of a free-piston engine generator : A new approach using cascade control

Simulation data for the controller performance, data obtained and analysed using Matlab/Simulink.

Temperature with different lambda values for diesel engines

Exhaust temperature with different lambda values of the combustion chamber. Simulated flame temperature with different lambda values.

Influence of design parameters on the performance of a free-piston engine generator

The influence of the key FPEG design parameters on the piston oscillation characteristics and electric power output can be characterised with respect to one another and summarised. Key design parameters include piston mass, compression stroke length,...

Input data from industrial participants for research article entitled “UK Building Thermal Performance from Industrial and Governmental Perspectives”

The data were gathered during a workshop on the Thermal Energy Challenge for the Built Environment hosted by BRE. The study aimed to consult experts in the field about the thermal energy challenge for the built environment, forecast future need and i...

Kinetic data for CO oxidation

CO2 production rates for CO oxidation, long term catalytic activity and SO2 poisoning

The Intersystem Crossing of a Cyclic (alkyl)(amino) Carbene Gold (I) Complex

Quantum Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics results for studying the solvation dynamics and intersystem crossing of a Cyclic (alkyl)(amino) Carbene Gold (I) Complex.

Triazatruxene TADF Quantum Chemistry

This contains the quantum chemistry calculations of our new TADF emitter based upon Triazatruxene

Computer Simulation Data for Noise-Free Generation of Bright Matter-Wave Solitons

This data includes the results of computer simulations for the article "Noise-Free Generation of Bright Matter-Wave Solitons". We show how access to flexible optical potentials can be used to generate three-dimensional atomic bright matter-...

Time-resolved UV-visible spectroscopy of bodipy-based materials

This spectroscopy study was carried out in Newcastle University, using a time-resolved fluorimeter acquired with fundings from the EPSRC grant "MESO-FRET" (EP/P015395/1) and from the Newcastle SAgE Faculty. The data refer to the optical pro...

FRET studies in mesoscopic antenna materials

This spectroscopy study was carried out in Newcastle University, using a time-resolved fluorimeter acquired with fundings from the EPSRC grant "MESO-FRET" (EP/P015395/1) and from the Newcastle SAgE Faculty. The data refer to the optical pro...

SOCH server data

The data will include APIs of heritage structure locations and 3D models generated by the SOCH system, as well as the 3D models raw data.

Catalytic performance of nickel nanowires embedded in aerogels towards CO2 capture

Dynamic vapour sorption analysis of Nickel nanowires embedded in silica aerogels in CO2 with water vapour - to test catalytic performance towards CO2 hydration reaction

Urban Observatory Urban Sciences Building data

Direct measurements and derived information for the Urban Sciences Building, obtained from approximately 2,500 sensors within the building (e.g. room temperature, energy consumed by lifts), and a further 5,000 derivative values (e.g. heating valve po...

Catalytic and structural data of metal oxide composites

The data contains structural and catalytic measurements of a metal oxide composite.

Numerical research of the effect of surface biomimetic features on the efficiency of tidal turbine blades

Horizontal-axis axial flow tidal current turbine is regularly used to exploit the kinematic energy in tidal currents. However, the scaling up of tidal current turbine is very difficult. This is because strong tidal current only exists in the underwat...

Characterisation of NiO photocathodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Structural and Photoelectrochemical data for dye-sensitized water-splitting photocathodes

Dynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator

The influence of system pressure, valve timings, and the coefficient of electric resistance force on the dynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator.

Data supporting the paper “The characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator operating on a dry friction principle”

Experimental results from a Linear Joule Engine Generator prototype are compared with the numerical simulation results predicted by the proposed friction model and other reported friction models identified from the wider engineering literature. Dat...